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Breeders in Kansas and surrounding states?


Savannah Super Cat
I am going to be purchasing a savannah cat in the next year, but am looking for reputable breeders in kansas and the surrounding states, such as Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, and colorado. The two breeders in kansas that I have found are Akubakiah cattery in Topeka and raganwood bengals and savannahs in Kansas City. These both have kittens that are extremely well priced. I am just having a hard time reaching raganwood. Are there any breeders that you would recommend in this are or any that I should stay away from? Thank you for your help!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
If one breeder disses another.... it simply looks bad. It can appear like the breeder is trying to run down their "opposition" and mostly it would be rumor rather than personal experience.

The only breeder in those given states that I have personal experience with is Ti Amo Savannahs. They have a queen of mine. JoMartin and Craig are lovely people, if they have kittens available then I think they are a good choice for you :) gives you some points to consider when researching a breeder. It's worth doing that kind of research in addition to what kittens are available in your price range... you will have that cat for ~15-20 years after all!


Staff member
I don't know either breeder you asked about in KS. As Brigitte says, Ti Amo has a good reputation and they are active in the Savannah community (although I don't think they are on this forum).


Savannah Super Cat
What generation of Savannah are you looking into? I am in Kansas too - and breed F3 and F4 kittens