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Bringing a new kitten


Layla's Dad

Hello All

Layla is a year and half old F2 female with a very cool and calm personality. She is shy with strangers, when the door bell she runs to the door and growls but then run upstairs or basement if the person coming in is not someone she recognizes... With that said, we are thinking of bringing in a male Bengal kitten in to the mix since I have heard bringing another female cat in to the mix may not work so well. What has been everyone's experience with bringing in a new kitten? Layla seriously needs a playmate as she is running us in to the ground lol.


Staff member
i brought 2 more SVs into the house after my first and everything went smooth as silk. Juba and Taji were almost 3 yrs old when I got Maliik. Taking time to do the introductions properly and sticking to the 2 wk quarantine period are key. Even though the cats got along fine right from the beginning, there were some bumps as the hierarchy shuffled and Juba and Taji were definitely jealous of Maliik. Layla may or may not be miffed with you even if she bonds with the new kitten until she is sure that she is still loved. They are quirky creatures when it comes to jockeying for #1 in their human slaves affections.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think introducing a kitten is always easier than another kitten. You still need to follow general introductory processes, and make sure Layla doesn't feel slighted by the arrival of a new kitten, but it should work out fine :)


Staff member
If both cats are altered I don't think it matters if it is a boy or girl, but boys are still more easy going than females, even after being altered. There have been other threads here about how to introduce a new cat/kitten into the household, if you're not familiar with the process I'd strongly recommend you do a search to learn more about it :up: