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Bringing kitty to work?


Savannah Super Cat
I was wondering about bringing Neo to work with me. Its ok with the boss (me) and ok with the city/state because I have a pet shop but I am not sure of the logistics. I ride a motorcycle to work so obviously that isn't going to work but I can take the train instead. I was looking at the Snoozer Roll Around mentioned in a previous thread to bring him in conjunction with a harness/leash. However it would be what I do with him while there that I am unsure about. It is actually a saltwater aquarium store and it gets very humid so sometimes we crack the door. Could I possibly tether him up or maybe build him a cat box to stay in? Or am I just dreaming and should I just leave him at home? I sometimes work long hours and my apartment is very small so figured he might like to come with on occasion.


Staff member
I think you have to think about what Neo would like. Would he enjoy being tethered all day or in a cage all day while you're busy with customers? Would you have time to bring him out and play with him? How would he respond riding on a noisy train with lots of noisy (and nosy!) people around? Hard to say it this is a good idea or not without knowing more about your specific situation.


Site Supporter
D loves the aquarium store (aquatic obsessions in Avenel), he sometimes goes with our cat sitter or us, but either (1) the door has to be locked (after hours) or (2) he has to be on his leash and harness- he is a door darter.
He is one of those kitties who loves meeting new people though. How is Neo with new people?

I will say D is terrified of the train, how is neo with it? We were volunteering at a nursing joke near a train station and had to stop because the trains scared him so much.


Site Supporter
I know aquatic obsessions but have never been. Are you on MR?
Not really. We are on NJRC (mnat and nikkit) and reef central (mikeandnicole). We will actually be in the city a week from Friday, how is the store coming?