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Bruised from the Head Bonk??


Savannah Super Cat
My "little" Nala is strong and powerful. I swear she's gonna love me to death. Have any of you been injured from their Love? I mean not just scratches. She head butts me HARD. LOL


Reincarnated cat Moderator
My Regie will head butt hard , but he likes to grab my head with his claws and eat my hair ...purring the whole time. I am working hard to discourage that behavior!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Many times over the years. Head bonks will bruise or make you bite your tongue if they hit your chin at the wrong moment.

I've also had an F7 divebomb from our very high curtain rails (I live in a Victorian) and land on my head... bruises and a split lip from that... but I guess that doesn't count as a "love" injury, LOL!


Staff member
Bruised from head butts; perfect little paw print bruise from being stood on with front feet -- felt like I had a boulder on my chest; knocked into walls and once onto the floor by a cat throwing himself at my legs -- a flying head butt -- sounds like a gymnastic move.


Site Supporter
Diablo likes to jump from the floor onto my shoulders... Which are not very wide. He is very careful with his claws, but more than once I've ended up with paw print bruises.

Jarvis occasionally bops me in the head when we are playing, but the worst was one day when Mickey was snuggling with me, and Diablo came flying in to tackle Mickey. The purring cat in my arms was pushed into my face, and yeah, one banged up pair of glasses later I had a great looking face for the next few days :)

The worst damage seems to happen in our house when one cat is happy and snuggling, and another tackles it.