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Buddy Bowls - For Those SV's that like to dump their water

The Jensen's

Savannah Super Cat
We have struggled with Makoi always running around the house with his water bowls. He likes them most when they are full. If he isn't walking with them he is flipping them over. (Rant Over lol)

So to fix this we got "Buddy Bowls" and I can't tell you what a life saver they are! Even if you could flip it over, however they are so heavy he can't, but if he could they do not leak. The design is awesome and a something we couldn't live without.

He still pushes them all over the room but he can't dig out the water which is one of his favorite things and he can't carry it. Thank you maker!


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for sharing! I have 4 cats, 2 of the SV's love to 'swim' in the bowls and I am constantly cleaning up water. Are they tough to clean/keep clean?

The Jensen's

Savannah Super Cat
No not at all. You take the top off. Super simple. I will take better photos since Amazon's does not do it justice.
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