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Burying food?!


Savannah Super Cat
As we all know, Savannah kitties certainly have very different personalities :). Within the past few months Nick and I have watched Lyra develop a quirky little act of "burying" her food after she is done eating!!

Has anyone seen this or does anyone else's baby Savannah scratch the area around their food bowl? Is funny watching her, but not going to be humorous to our carpet if she keeps it up!! That silly kitten :) image.jpg

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I have a few who "bury" their food, too. I'm not sure if they are saving it for later, and are trying to cover it up to keep it from other cats; or are trying to tell me it's unfit for consumption, lol.

Can you put a tray under Lyra's dish to prevent her from clawing the carpeting? Boot trays work well, and I have found some cute trays at dollar stores and thrift stores for that purpose :) A tray will also save the carpeting from food remnants....


Savannah Super Cat
LOL- makes us laugh when she does it :). Yes, definitely going to have to get a little tray to put her food dish on. And, yes, great idea to minimize her messy eating :). Sometimes I wonder if she gets any of the food in her mouth!!

Thanks for the response :). Glad to know Lyra isn't the only crazy kitten out there!!


Site Supporter
Loki does every time there is some left. Guess he plans to come back and finish it. It may depend on whether you have more than one cat.


Savannah Super Cat
We just have our little Lyra :). And she should know "Mommy and Daddy" aren't gonna touch her kitty food!! LOL

That is another question I have- what is everyone feeding their Savannahs? We had Lyra eating Wilderness Kitten by Blue Buffalo then she started vomiting everyday. We put her on just baby food for a few days to help her tummy. When we tried to get her to go back to Blue, she stuck her nose up at it- and pretty much everything else- except Whiskas wet turkey and giblets. We want her on a high protein, grain free food, but can't seem to get her to switch back. How bad is this Whiskas wet food for Lyra? Any recommendations on healthy kitty foods?

Melody Waara

Spotlight Savannahs
Our F5 Deci covers her food when she's done. Her food is located in a tiled room, but she goes to the extreme of climbing up a cabinet to grab a towel to drag over and cover her food with. They're silly babies indeed!


Savannah Super Cat
We've seen Triton do that a few times, although, Shady and Cleo haven't. Shady likes to scoop her kibble into the water bowl, instead. :sneaky: