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Bye, Bye Sweet Babies!

Trish Allearz

They've had a play session, photos and some chicken :) Ani and Abu are getting ready to go to their new homes today!

Rob- thank you for taking Abu home! I know he will be spoiled rotten and can't wait to hear stories as he grows and becomes best buds with Zeus!


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WHAT A WONDERFUL BOY !!!! He was an angel all the way home from airport ... He slept (must mean he gave them hell on airplane :) ). He demanded to be let out as soon as we got in his room. It was instant play time ... Boy he goes all out when plays. He is now settling down for a little though ... Well kind of, he giving me some love and now wants to play again.

I love him already !!! :) :)
OMG they are already playing they are batting each others paws under the door. Should I stop them? ... I would much rather Abu bonded to me ...

Trish Allearz

ROFL. I am thinking you can only do SO much to keep them separate. Pawing at each other under the door is going to happen- at least they weren't acting aggressive or grumpy with one another!

Abu was an honor to raise here. Like I said- his Momma has only given me one other kitten to raise up and I really cherish her babies because I know how special they are :D I can't wait to hear tales as he settles in and him and Zeus take over the world!!! I mean- the house, the house!!!