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Calling Medesha, you out there??


Savannah Super Cat

Sorry guys! Some random feral swung by my house and dropped six kitties on me, so I've been juggling them and Erra and trying to make sure Vakai doesn't feel like I don't love him anymore!

I'll make another post with all the details, but here's a few pics I got when she would stand still:

The first one is where I swear she had just been sitting still a moment ago. In the second, she's reading "Three Men in a Boat" with me, in the third, she's contemplating launching off my friend's foot and over the side of the bed, and she's posing for the camera in the fourth.

If anyone's curious, there's also pic of the stolen/orphaned feral babies, four weeks old at least and using the litter box all their own.


  • Erra 1.JPG
    Erra 1.JPG
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  • Erra 2.JPG
    Erra 2.JPG
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  • Erra 3.JPG
    Erra 3.JPG
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  • Stolen 3.JPG
    Stolen 3.JPG
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Staff member
She's beautiful! I knew she would be. I discovered Toyghers several years ago and considered getting one but decided to wait until the breed had made more strides toward the tiger look. They sure have done a good job of getting the look. Thanks for posting the pics. Good luck juggling all of those kitties. The feral kittens are so sweet.


Staff member
Yes, Toygers are very cool-looking...Someone in the DC area, whom I know, breeds for Bengals and Toygers. She is very cute!

Sounds like you have your hands full - the feral kittens look adorable!


Savannah Super Cat
I'll try and spay her if I can. Thing is, she's not one of the regulars around here- I've gotten the regulars spayed. She's also a bit less likely to hang around- I have to wait for the nearby place to do their feral/spay/drive thing again.

And the feral momma herself isn't to happy with me right now. She keeps coming to the backdoor and just sitting there and growling. I should growl at her: why on earth did she have to have six? The grey ones are girls and the others are boys.

It's so cute when the kittens hiss at me! They're too little to really do anything but make the noise, but most of them have really warmed up to me already.