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Calming Aid for SV (flying with owner)

Sanura Exotics

Sanura Exotics Savannah cats
Hello everyone,
I have an F2 young boy that I have a family flying in from California to get. I have a crate I have with familiar smells and I plan to cover the crate. I also plan to use Feliway spray. Is there any medication, or ,treats,food,anything I can give him ? From what I understand they have to pull him out of the crate before boarding. I know he will be upset :(
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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If calming agents would work for sure, there'd be no naughty Kitties in the show hall lol.

Just expose him to the carrier is my best advice.

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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
yes, getting him used to being confined to the carrier would be very useful!

I don't like using sedatives for flying unless I have to, generally they cry for a little then settle down and nap... unless it is one of my show cats in which case the normally silent kitty will scream blue murder for the entire flight :-(

I don't like the usual medication vets prescribe, acepromazine, but my vet has prescribed xanax and valium for my cats before...


Savannah Super Cat
Some airlines do not want shipped animals to be sedated, but I don't know the regulations regarding having the cat in the cabin with you.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Correct, Tort518, you cannot sedate cats that are to be shipped cargo... animals do not regulate their body temperature well when sedated and they are not monitored in the cargo compartment so it is too dangerous... when flying in cabin though they can be monitored by their human therefore it is safer...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Try the over the counter calming aids in the weeks before the kitten leaves, hopefully one will work. I did find that Rescue Remedy hyped one of my Savannahs up rather than calm, so best to try out beforehand!


Staff member
I am scared this F2 is going to go nuts when they pull him out of the crate at the airport. I know I'd be scared if I was him :/
I flew to San Diego twice to pick up kittens and each time I asked to be taken to a private screening room rather than taking the kitten out of the crate in the security line. They take you to a small room, the cat is still removed from the crate but if it escapes, it can't get out of the room, there are only a few people in the room so much less distraction or things to be afraid of. I would highly recommend this especially for a cat you believe may freak out. If the cat is in a walking harness and the new owners attach a leash as they remove it from the crate, all the better.