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Can You teach an Old Savannah New tricks?

Cindy Lowther

Savannah Super Cat
I know you can teach an old dog new tricks, but was just wondering with my Rockstar my adoptee who is now near 15yrs, I would love to harness walk him...just not sure if that is something you can start with an older Savannah, and if so suggestions on what type...he is a pretty big boy, so I know I will have to go with something more small to med dog sized. Has anyone else attempted this with an adult cat? I want to start walking in the evenings or early morns and I can't think of a better companion;)


Staff member
I honestly think if you start out slowly, it will be fine. I started Zuri as a young adult and she is nowhere near as adept as Taj. But I take her out for 15 min at a time and she is slowly getting used to all the noises and smells ;)

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I think it's worth a try. Let him go at his own pace with introducing it; maybe even just laying the jacket on his back at first, letting him get used to it being there. Leave it where he can see it, so it's not an unfamiliar object. Gradually progress to putting it on him when he's relaxed and see how he does. He may fight it like a kitten does, or act like he's in a straight-jacket and can't After he is used to the jacket being on, attach the leash and practice in the house initially. You can try using his favorite treats to get him to walk around with the jacket on and you holding the leash. I'd be surprised if he didn't take to it, once you try him outside (unless he's never been outside and is a bit freaked by the outdoors and noises).

Good luck....keep us posted!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree with Pam, take it slow introducing him to the walking jacket...but if you can get him to accepting that without problem then walking should be easy enough with him. From what his previous owner reported he loves being outside and was very confident out there...

Cindy Lowther

Savannah Super Cat
Sounds great guys, thanks for the expert advice! Yes, Brigitte, Rockstar lacks no confidence-he so wears his new name well...haha! I will keep you guys with anything new, we will take it slow with him, he will let me know when he has reached his tolerance level with me :D

Cindy Lowther

Savannah Super Cat
Let us know how it goes! I think you will do just fine. I do believe you can teach an older anything new tricks, just gotta be patient with them.
Yes, I actually feel pretty positive about it, I recently am going to start my photography business from home and quit my horrific "real job" so this will allow me much more walking time ;) and lots of time to be patient...he has adapted so well in general, I am just so in love with this guy ;) I am ready to go shopping for a sexy matching jackets...haha...