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Canned brands/questions


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So we've been feeding our two cats (SV F5 & old lady rescue kitty who lives outside) Authority grain-free dry food for two years. We haven't had any probs and they both drink lots of water but I want to make the switch to mostly canned food with some dry to supplement.

I have read basically every past thread on this forum and looked elsewhere and it's pretty confusing. I grabbed four different brands and flavors (no fish) from Petsmart:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness or whatever that's called
Nuvo "medal series"

All are grain free, I read the labels and all have actual meat as their main ingredient. Both cats took to all of these like it was crack =) so I won't have any issues with transitioning. Any thoughts on any of the brands? Zyon my SV went super nuts for the Nuvo Beef/Lamb today. Being a house with 75% vegetarians, this is pretty nasty (especially when the cans spray liquid meaty stuff on me during opening it...) but I'm over it for the cats' sake.

Also wondering - the variety packs you can get online all have fish cans in the packs. I've read that you should limit the fish products - how much is "too much" or too often for the fish cans then? If I could get a pack without fish I would, but so far looking they all have a few cans of fishy stuff.

Where does everyone buy their canned variety packs - online? Is it ok to switch it up regularly with different brands of food? I'd prefer that because then if a flavor or brand went of out business it wouldn't mess the kitties up. Plus I liked that they all have slightly different textures and chunkiness v. smoothness, keeps it interesting for the cats I would imagine.



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I'm not familiar with Nuvo but it sounds like all these brands are healthy options. I buy the majority of my cat food from - I find the best prices there, plus shipping for purchases over $49.


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I also order Shango's wet food & litter from Sometimes Amazon also has good prices on food. He's ate Wellness Complete Health chicken wet food, Nature's Variety Limited Ingredient wet food in both turkey & rabbit, Merrick Backcountry Morsels in rabbit, turkey, chicken & duck (he didn't care for the chicken or the duck) and his current favorite Weruva Pumpkin Lickin Chicken pouches. His tastes have changed as he's gotten older and he actually won't eat any of the other wet foods he used to love, only his current favorite Weruva Pumpkin Lickin Chicken pouches. He gets 1 pouch before bed and is fed Darwin's raw food 3-4 times a day for all of his other meals.

I liked the ingredients on all of those brands and they also have a good variety of flavors to pick from if your cat likes variety... Shango isn't a fan of having his flavors switched up. Some cats that have a sensitive stomach might not do very well switching up brands on a regular basis as it could cause an upset stomach and loose stools; however, I do think it's good to have 2 different brands that your cat will eat in case the formula changes or the company goes out of business.


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Thank you for the tips - it sounds like Shango is a human child... my daughter goes from literally loving olives one day to freaking out if I pack her olives in her lunches.... Can't they all just pick something and stick with it?!
That's a good point about maybe switching up too much, I think I will try to pick two brands and then rotate flavors. Thanks =)


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I agree with Chewy for best prices (and excellent customer service!). However I try to avoid any foods with Carageenan in them, and I know at least some of the Blue Buffalo and Wellness foods have it.

I prefer Weruva, Earthborn Holistics and more recently have used Merricks Purrfect Bistro Rabbit Pate flavor and Limited Ingredient diets if your cats prefer pate style because those varieties don't contain Carageenan.


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Thanks DumaLove, I was literally just deciding which brands to kind of go with and order, so that we perfect timing!


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Thanks for the info DumaLove. I had no idea that Carrageenan could cause issues. I seldom feed canned so it has not been an issue but very interesting to see that the latest studies point towards issues with humans as well and that stuff is added to so many human foods.