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Cat diarrhea/digestive problems

I have kitten diarrhea problem that is perplexing. I am not familiar with IBS never had a cat with this problem. 3 veterinarian trips and nothing has changed. First treatment Albon with Ben Back, second treatment Metronidazole, food changes from Wet to Dry, then changes to rare only with Endosorb twice daily, then back dry with prednisone. Large number combination recommendation treatment. Today I have no solution other using Ben Back or similar. The Endosorb work for a short time, 3 or 4 days then it explored again. The prednisone treatment was the best increasing the firmness. Something is not right with kitten and I can't seem to fine a veterinarian in my area with something to help. Its liquid. I am asking for help for solutions. His weight seem to stay with .15 pounds, up and down. If I feed him Clinicare or add kitten milk replacement to his food it seem to cause the diarrhea to be watery, I am very concerned at this point he is getting enough nutrition. I use nutroCal with him. Any advise is welcome. He has been tested for various bacteria including the dna test, no bacteria or worms of any kind found to date. I am wondering if there might be major organ that's the problem.


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Poor little guy! This is hard on both of you, hang in there.

Others here have way more knowledge and experience with this breed, and I can't answer on health issues, but I will say that changing foods constantly will exacerbate the diarrhea. Also, this may be a silly question, but I didn't see it in your post - has he been dewormed?


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I agree with the others. Keep the kitten on one food.....preferably the one that the breeder was using.

How long have you had the kitten?
How old was he when you brought him home? How old is he now?
Has the kitten had diarrhea since you brought him home?
Have you contacted the breeder?
Have they examined stool samples for Giardia?
Is he dehydrated? (Do you know how to determine hydration levels from the response at the scruff of the neck?)

Psyllium powder (unflavored metamucil) can be added to wet food to help firm up his stool.


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I agree that changing diets can make the diarrhea worse. When you change the diet are you changing protein? It may be your kitten is allergic to the particular protein your are giving him in his diet. You might want to try fasting him for 24hrs then put him on a bland diet for a few days, e.g., boiled chicken, turkey, or rabbit... you can also use stage I baby food (only ingredients being the protein and water) to see if this will help calm down his gut. Then choose a diet - either the one the breeder was using, or a limited ingredient diet in small amounts to start reintroducing him to a balanced diet.

When you say he was tested for bacteria, what kind of test did the vet do? Did he run a diarrhea PCR? Has your vet tried any other antibiotics besides Albon, which only treats a very limited number of bacteria, or another antifungal besides metronidazole? If he is thinking giardia infection you might want to try fenbendazole.

If it is IBD you can add fiber (e.g., unflavored psyllium) to his food to help firm his stools.

Remi's Mommy

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Raw fermented goat milk from answers seemed to work like magic.When Remi was about 8 months old she went through a spell of that.I actually spoke with Jacqueline, one of the owners of answers. She told me it would restore the good bacteria which is essential for good digestion

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Do you have a link to this place?
Answers Pet Food

If I did that correctly, the link is above.

I also incorporate their goat milk, cow kefir, fish stock & turkey stock into my homemade meal plan (for my cats). I'm sure their pet food is excellent quality as well & if I were to feed a commercial raw brand, Answers would be my top choice, right up there with Rad Cat. But it's cheaper for me to make my own via Hare Today & add in the products I mentioned above.

My holistic vet sells Answers products at the office & puts a lot of sick animals on the goat milk. She also recommends it for healthy animals. It is very nutritious.