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Cat + Fireworks??


Savannah Super Cat
Sooo celebration of lights is coming up, and I would love to take my cat to the beach that evening before....but im wondering if i can keep him calm enough during the fireworks. They're not really close or anything, theyre out across the water

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The past July 4th there were a LOT of fireworks on the street right outside our house... the cats were mainly just curious even though they were really loud. But then they were in their home and so would feel safe and secure from that... I don't know. Maybe make sure you pack a crate to confine your kitty if he reacts badly, with a nice thick blanket to drape over it to muffle the noise too?


Savannah Super Cat
My cats have no reaction to fireworks. The basset hound on the other hand....