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cat health food additives


Site Supporter
I don't really use it but I remember reading it somewhere that you add it to the food - 1teaspoon per 10lb pet weight. And another one was to rub a lil on your hands and then rub them all over the pet.


Site Supporter
My husband takes up to 3T a day and it has been amazing for his health. We put about a tsp or so on our dogs food. She has major allergy issues and it seems to be helping along with other measures. So far our SV has snubbed his nose at it but I will keep trying.


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Rafiki has had issues of late with dry skin. We have been running the heater and that takes out whatever little moisture we have in the air. I thought that she had a bruise on her forehead last week but now it is back and I have figured out that it is red from scratching, not a bruise. Would coconut oil help from the inside out? Could I rub some on her? Anyone have another other suggestions?