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Cat in the box.


Savannah Super Cat
I don't know how much money we've spent on toys for Kovu. Most of them sit in his toy box & never get played with. We found a cube on clearance at Walgreens for $1 and some change so I thought we'd try it out. He LOVED it. So much that it now has several holes. So we bought a couple $4 cubes from WalMart last night & Kovu is just having the time of his life.

In the last picture his head is under the cube, he loves to push them around on the hardwood floor so that they are in the spot HE wants them to be in. lol


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Savannah Super Cat
Very cool, Ashley...I may have to try these!
I was worried about how well they'd hold up since they were so cheap, but they've been through so much in just the last 24 hours & they still hold up very well.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
We have those also. For $3.88 each, they are pretty good! Echo doesn't like them, but Dolos is always playing in them. Easy to clean up and collapsible too so if they need to be put away, they don't take much room. Dolos pushes them all over the place.


That is cute, I think Keljin and Winry both would love these too! They both like to push and drag the cat beds around the house too in the same fashion :) They want to put their things where THEY want to keep them, which is never where I want to put them lol. (the beds usually end up in the bathrooms)


Savannah Super Cat
Haha i had a little cardboard box my dufflebag came in, and its ALL Titus wants to play with! None of the cat wands, balls, or any other stuff i spent considerable money on... We should just tell all SV people when they ask what toys SV's will want to play with: "A BOX! Cheaper the better!"


Savannah Super Cat
I buy these all the time for my guys. They LOVE them. Also a kids' play tunnel is a huge hit here.


George's brother
We have an empty Splenda box, it is driven around the house, hidden in jumped on and launched off of. That and the current favorite, an ice cube, can't get much better bargain for all our entertainment value.