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Cat Insurance?


Savannah Super Cat
Soooo... Lets say that if my kitty flies our the door, or has some chocolate or aspirin that I left out. Is there any replacement coverage?

I'm Kidding, Hopefully the blood isn't boiling to much :p

However, is there a type of animal medical insurance like there is insurance for humans? From the research I've done, it seems that the SV can require more then your typical house cat care. Just curious to know if any of you have plans or if they even exist?


Savannah Super Cat
I do not have pet insurance for my cats, I wish I had gotten it. Kibeti is a 1 yr 9 month male who has developed serious problems in the last month. A one day hospitalization with an endoscopy and other tests was 4,000. This does not include all of the trips to the vet we have made since Dec 31 when he started showing signs of being ill.