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Cat Nutritionist

Danger Kitty

Site Supporter
Hi everyone. I’m wondering if anyone has worked with a nutritionist that they would recommend. I’m open to feeding raw/homemade but want someone who is open to raw as well as store bought. I just want to find the food that best suits my boys.

My 2.5 yo non-savannah is the biggest issue. He has been taken to the vet twice for struvite crystals and is horrible at drinking water. I have bought 5 different fountains, tried different bowls in numerous locations, tuna in water and different types of water. He also doesn’t like the prescription wet foods and I don’t like the ingredient list anyway. All he gets is wet food and it’s 87% water.

My 2 savannahs I have been combo feeding wet with orijen dry. The younger savannah is almost 1 year old and successfully went through FIP treatment. He loves the dry food and I would be willing to feed him porterhouse 3 times a day if he wanted. I’m just glad he’s still alive. My 6 yo savannah has been healthy and the vet always comments he’s the perfect weight.

If raw it would be nice to find a base diet that suits each and slightly adjust for each cats needs. I have access to a local raw processor that has many different grinds with or without bone and organs.

Any suggestions for a nutritionist or to get my cat to drink water would be great. It may sound silly but I just had an oversized water bowl and battery operated fish to put in to see if I can get him interested in water.


Site Supporter
Sounds like your doing all the right thing re/drinking water, I actually have a cat (non Savannah) who's not the greatest drinker and I like you have tried everything to try an coax him, what I did find that helps is giving him an ice cube to play with on the floor and as it melts hell lick the water up, just a suggestion, it may or not work for you. Re/ nutritionist, Witchy has a power of knowledge on this subject, I hope she replies to your questions and is able to help.
So pleased that Loki beat FIP, that was truly amazing, what a battle he had, the little warrior.