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Cat pets his human, brain of human explodes.


Savannah Super Cat
I'm still kind of mentally reeling from what happened Thursday morning. Yeti is always amazing me with the fun and sometimes mind-bending things he does.

He always knows when my alarm is close to going off, and often will wake me up about 7 minutes ahead of time.

He tries to immitate Yuki when it comes to leaping effortlessly onto my shoulders and balancing while I walk around. He lacks her grace so that sometimes results in me screaming bloody murder from unexpected pain. He means well, even when he reaches up, digs both claws into my sweatpants as I stand at the kitchen sink, and pulls them to the floor. He only wanted to climb up and be held and hugged, how can I be upset about good intentions?

So I kind of thought of Yeti as a good kid with a lot to learn. Heh, was I in for a shock.

Getting back to Thursday morning. I was sleeping on my left side and was pretty deep asleep because I didn't feel Yeti climb onto my right side and lay down. It wasn't until waking up (again about seven minutes early) that I realized what he was doing. Yeti was gently running the claws of his right paw repeatedly through part of my beard. Yeti was petting my chin the way I pet his chin.

Mind. Warped.