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Cat stand from Phoenix Feline Furniture


Site Supporter
328 cat stand.jpg 336 cat stand.jpg 338 cat stand.jpg 352 cat stand.jpg 354 cat stand.jpg
A big thanks to Mark Phoenix - this cat stand is awesome. To minimize shipping costs, Mark shipped it in pieces and instructed us on how to assemble. Fairly easy to assemble...except the cats wanted to help and were rather the opposite of helpful.


Staff member
Thanks, I think I've seen this site before. Prices are reasonable but the shipping is the killer...


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He is in Vancouver and we are in Los Angeles so yes, shipping was rather expensive. Mark disassembled everything and carefully packed it all as small and tight as he could to minimize the shipping charges. The stand is beautiful driftwood, unique and sturdy. We are very pleased.


Animal Communicator
Love it! I looked at them when I first put my deposit on Zeddie...but I am poor haha. Maybe one day...