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cat strollers


Site Supporter
For those of you who have purchased and use pet strollers......
  1. Do your furkids go out fully dressed (walking jacket) or naked?
  2. If you do use a walking jacket, do you also tether your baby to the stroller?
  3. Have you ever been successful with the top down (assuming jacket + tether) or do you always have it all zipped up?
  4. Have you ever had more than 1 cat in the stroller at a time?


Staff member
1. Naked when we go for a walk; jacket on and on leash in stroller when I take them places where people may want to meet them without the barrier of the stroller.

2-3. There is a tether inside my stroller but I don't use it. When the top is down and they're wearing their jackets, I have ahold of the leash because they can jump out using just the tether. Smaller cats can get hung up that way with the tether and my big boys can pull the stroller over. I always leave the top up and closed now because they cats won't stay in the stroller when the top is down and they've bolted out of the stroller. It gets hairy trying to control a cat on a leash and trying to get stroller and cat going in the same direction at the same time.

4. I recently bought a stroller that holds up to 50+ lbs. so we can take 2 at a time. We also have an older stroller and we can take 3 walking at a time. Soooo much better with 2 strollers and 4 cats.

Our strollers are from petgear.


Staff member
I use a pet stroller also from petgear...I take Ixas and Siri out together since Ixas is a wuss at walking and Siri is still getting used to it...

I always leave the top up - just because...

I did not use a walking jacket and leash the first couple of times, but do now...just in case...


Site Supporter
I bought one from Petgear as well. Jammu likes to sleep in it while it is in the house but is not too thrilled being pushed around in it. Rafiki is much more enthusiastic but doesn't want to leave Jammu behind. The last time we had them both in it, Jammu started getting agitated as we were headed back home. They were both wearing jackets and were tethered in the stroller. I think that Rafiki may have been stepping on his leash and he started hissing and swatted at her. They have only been in the stroller 6 to 8 times so I figured I would get some advice before trying again.


Animal Communicator
I just bought a stroller. I got Petgear as well, but it was broken when it came in :( Now I have TopPaw.

Zeddie loves her stroller. I think she loves her stroller more than me. She sits in it in the house. She goes out with a sweater if its cold, but no harness.