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Cat Tree recommendations


Savannah Super Cat
I hope this is the correct thread for this question. Your time and help are greatly appreciated.

My kitten will be arriving in two months, I want to start ordering the things he will need. In terms of a cat tree, I would appreciate any recommendations and where to obtain. If you have a photo it would be very helpful.

It is my understanding that sisal(rope) is the preferred material on the vertical posts. The base should be sturdy to prevent a large cat from tipping it there a recommended base type? Are there preferred perch or platforms?

Also if you have a recommended secondary scratching post ,with details I would be grateful.

Thank you!


Staff member
Look under Links We Like and will find many trees and scratching posts there...also do a search on the forum for cat trees...have you seen the tree we will be giving away? It would be great to support that company - they are also giving us a 10% discount!


Savannah Super Cat has a crazy amount of cat tree's. if you are in the US you can sign up for amazon prime, with a 30 day trial membership. all prime items are free shipping. they goofed mine, and didnt realize i was in Canada and got free shipping on my tree. it was 140 bucks just to ship, so it was well worth it. also the pricing is by far the cheapest i have seen for any cat tree

i have this one, it cost 130 shipped to canada (free shipping from prime)

there is also some very big ones for cheap


Savannah Super Cat
I gave up and am building one. Ari outgrew the perches on the ones we have and anything that was going to be big enough, sturdy enough ANDlook nice was way way too expensive. I'll post some pics when I'm done with it, hopefully in the next week or two.


Savannah Super Cat
Plywood, posts, wood glue, screws, cut, assemble stain. ;)

Had to redo the design on the top tiers on the fly, because the original idea didn't look like I wanted it to. Tools were just a drill, jigsaw, and quarter sheet sander.