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Cat Tree vs Cat Size??

John Campbell

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I want to get Elsa a Larger/Taller Cat Tree, but I do not want to get one that is too big for her... What is the right size Cat Tree for what size cat? Opinions... The last thing that I want her to do is to risk a jump that she is not yet ready for...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I saw a recent post on FB about this very thing. What the owner did was remove the top shelf of her new very tall cat tree until her cat had grown a bit, based on comments suggesting that. My contributing advice to that thread was to also add some sort of cushioning, pillows or padding below the cat tree, which is what I do here for our 7' tree since we have wood flooring, but I am a worry wart, anyway.

I think if you get a tree that has removable posts, you could do the same for Elsa? You could also position the tree so another piece of sturdy furniture is nearby for landings from the tree, rather than the floor. Elsa will most likely learn quickly the best way to manuever up and down any tree...and be sure her nails are not trimmed too short so she can get a good grip while climbing.

I would think for Elsa's size at this point in time, a tree of around 4-5' tall would be sufficient, and if adjustable, you could add the rest of the posts at a later time to make it taller as she grows....of course, you could always start out with a shorter tree, and add a taller one later...Elsa will love you for that!


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Pam has a great suggestion, but I would also comment that height is not necessarily the most important factor, rather having a good design where there are several platforms not stacked above each other but rather scattered around the trunk so that Elsa can easily jump from level to level when going up and down, so that she doesn't have to jump from the top to the floor.


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We have a 6 ft cat tree, my wife put pillows all around it so our first savannah kitten would land soft, big ears, long legs, and prone to fall