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Cat trees


George's brother
I have noticed in many pictures people post cat climbing trees/ furniture. There are many on the market, but probably Savannah's need a sturdier variety than normal. What brand do you recommend, or not for safety and longevitity?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
We have 3 cat trees here. One is a tree I made out of 4" diameter fallen tree limbs, with shelves and baskets attached. Another is an Armarkat tree that is 3 years old; looking good and going strong, although I need to replace the sisal rope on the legs. One is a cheapie I bought from Ebay; I think it's a Neptune brand. I would not recommend the Neptune tree for anything but kittens or small cats, as it is very flimsy. In fact, I removed the tallest part of it as I am sure it could be tipped over unless attached to the wall or floor, which is not always practical. I sometimes move the trees around so the cats think I got them a new one lol. The Armarkat and the tree limb tree are incredibly sturdy on their own, with a wide base on both. I have also seen some tall, very heavy duty carpeted trees at my local pet/feed stores and even Meijer's that appear to be made out of 2 x 4 posts instead of the cardboard tubes for the legs. That brand name is Wayfair. If price is no object, Molly's Cat trees are really well made. There are a lot of options on Ebay and Amazon for trees. If your local pet stores will allow it (mine does) , and your cat is used to wearing a walking harness and being in public around lots of people, kids and dogs, I'd try bringing him or her there to trees out for stability and fit. In general, I'd recommend buying the biggest well built tree you can afford, or even 2 or more smaller trees.


Staff member
Wow, Pam, I like your set up!

I have an Armakat that has lasted almost 10 years, but it was getting a bit worn and broken because of my two terrors, so I just bought the new Armakat that is made out of wood - no fiberboard...I received it yesterday and haven't set it up yet, but it looks very strong and sturdy. And then of course, there is my cat walk ;)
We have Armakat cat trees and they seem to last pretty long. The one big one in the house attaches to the ceiling- you basically screw it up until it contacts the ceiling and it helps keep the tree from tipping. Good thing too since the cats love bouncing on and off of it! If you have a cat tree, I highly recommend the ones with the basket-type beds for the cats (um, scoops?). My cats- Savannahs and non- love them!

These things in the pic...



George's brother
Let me throw out another option~ a catwalk! We put up carpeted shelves around our living room, to take advantage of the unused space, the kitties love it and it saves floor space in our small house! You are only limited by imagination, we have added hammocks, ramps and window shelves over the years.
That is so cool, however I am not sure my husband is totally prepared for the cat tree, let alone the catwalks! :)


Savannah Child
I love the floor to ceiling post! Our area is too small for that, what is it covered with so they can climb it? Did you make it or buy it? Awesome!

George~ It's okay, keep working on him, hubby's are stubborn, but can usually be won over eventually ;)