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Cat Tricks


Animal Communicator
Has anyone taught their Savannah any cool tricks? I want to give it a shot, and would love to hear how you trained them :)


I've got King trained to jump up into my arms, Karma to jump up and touch my hand (w/o claws) to receive a piece of chicken and the kittens to lay there and look cute...


Animal Communicator
I want to teach her how to fetch some stuff lol...not sure how it will work out but it's worth a shot :p


Kronos is adorable!!! Solo's fluffy... A lot of people like that too... (You'll find that, in my world, there are Savannahs, Bengals, Toygers and "fluffy"... I have a history of irritating "fluffies", so I'm a little jaded when it comes to "fluffy")

p.s. I really, actually, don't dislike "fluffy"... Most of my "negative" comments involving them are light-hearted sarcasm or "good-natured ribbing";) due to an inside-joke (with myself)... We have a brown and black "fluffy" named Munkey Paws, who's a total sweetheart!!!


Staff member
Excellent videos, Alisha! I love Solo - he seems so easy to train! And Kronos, of course, is such a handsome, smart boy!

I had Taj running circuits as a kitten...not so much anymore though...he does still sit, stay, come on command, shake paws...Zuri does all of the same, but she is a master fetcher...and she loves to play soccer with her little soccer ball ;) She will follow me around with the soccer ball in her mouth until I play fetch with her...silly girl!


Savannah Super Cat
Alisha, those vids were fantastic! Gives me hope lol

Tricks I hope to teach my SV:
Come to the calling of his name (once he has one)
High Five
Jump into my arms (my Husky used to do it, yep, pretty big dog to train that trick but she did it lol)
Make me breakfast or a sandwich

Tricks that he'll probably learn on his own:
Poop or pee in the path to my alarm clock in the morning
Wake me up about 2 hours before my alarm goes off, then again 40 minutes before my alarm goes off.
Eat my food if I leave it unattended
Redecorate my living room


Duma does sit, we're working on lie down next. He played fetch all on his own, the first day he was home! I thought for certain someone had taught him, but I'm assured not....On the other hand, I can't figure out if he hasn't learned his name yet or he just doesn't hear his name in typical cat style lol

Dante never did learn roll over, but Solo is so much smarter than Dante, it's obvious! But Dante is awesome at Sit and Lie down when he wants to be.

Sadly I don't have physical proof as I'd need to hire a videographer lol