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Cat with behavior problems, aggressiveness

AZ Sadie

Savannah Kitten
I thought it would cost more but at that sale price, not bad. So will this 1 be enough for my entire home? I also thought you needed 1 in each room? This is what would be quite costly.
When you use this do you have to constantly use it for the rest of their lives? This could be rough on my finances since I am disabled and on SSA. I have 3 cats. One which will have to be on thyroid meds for rest of her life. My other girl I am waiting for vet to call to schedule apointment for her as I just found 2 lumps under her skin on her neck. Just hoping it is not serious as she is only about 3 years old. Also vet bills for the other 2 occasionally. Sometime I can't get my medical attention but make sure they are healthy. My friends who don't have any pets think I am crazy.


Staff member
It might be time to consider medication such as Buspar or Prozac - these have been found to greatly help alleviate aggression in cats when nothing else worked.