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Catcentric House

John Popp

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While this is a little pre-emptive as the contractors have not even began the tear out, we are going to have the opportunity to rebuild the interior of our home from the ground up. At some point we will again have cats and in the memory of those we lost we hope to create the best environment we can for them.

That said looking for ideas and thoughts about floors, doors, fixtures and any products that might fit the bill in creating a playground for our new fur kids. What works, what doesn't, hardwood vs tile or carpet, playrooms and anything else.

As our home is also nearing 100 years old there are lots of other things that will be changed as well, although what we do for our future cats is the first priority.


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I am in the process of replacing most of our flooring with strand, carbonized bamboo because of its durability. Strand bamboo is a very, very hard surface, and for me more visually appealing than regular bamboo. It looks more like "normal" hardwood. It also helps offset the softening that can happen with the carbonization process. It is in our living room, which is where the main entrance is, and so far I love it. It has held up to cats, dogs, the baby's ride on toys, muddy boots, etc. I can't wait to get the rest of the house finished! It is also what we put down in our 15 year old's bedroom in her renovation. We had true wool carpet in an off white shag..... Very mid century modern.... Very NOT practical. In keeping with midcentury, for you purists out there, we are putting cork in the finished basement and the kitchen. I know it isn't as durable, but it softer on the feet and has insulating properties.

We have heated floors in our master bathroom. If it were just me, I would never turn them on so I can't say it is worth the extra money. Tycen loves them and does turn them on in the morning. The cats will go lay on the warm tile, so I guess there is that!


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There have been a LOT of threads about neat cat furniture and enclosures here. I think the most important thing to remember is their love of vertical space, so whether you spend thousands on fancy step-up shelves, bridges, and overhead tunnels, or simply erect some basic cat trees I think the cats will be just as happy. The aesthetics of these things will depend on your and Trish's taste in decor.

SV Dad

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How nice to hear you will fertilize the roots and regrow right on the same spot! Good for you and Trish! Go for it!
So I'll start it off. I have had very good luck with 3/4" solid oak flooring. Looks great and the cats are not scratching it up. Savvy has been on it for 8 years, Rascal over 4 years, and very active Mayhem for 3 years. I am amazed at the durability. These were originally carpeted areas. I installed the Bruce prefinished 3/4" oak boards 2.25" wide. Humans have put minor scuffs on it but not the cats. I do have one room which is 3/4" oak which was original 21 years ago. That too is doing fine, but my young sons at the time were able to put wear and tear into it.
I have always considered cat hair a universal pollutant. My first house managed to have a substantial amount of cat hair in a closed off attic. This house, none. I attribute that to the central vacuum system that exhausts to the outside of the house (i.e. not down in the basement level)
This is a great opportunity to plan for an attached catio.... need I say more?
Might want to scratch the idea of a mantle over the fireplace.
I'll come up with more as I think more about it. Smart thinking about planning ahead when you have the opportunity.

SV Dad

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Heated floors? Hey Becki, he lives up in the cold north. Radiant heat flooring under ceramic tile surfaces, OMG the cats would LOVE that!.... (not to mention the humans......!)

(I'll be back later. I'm going out to shovel this &*%$#)@!{* snow on the driveway, again.)
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May I suggest the Tin Woodsman / pre-modern industrial look? lol

On a more serious note, I have 3/4 solid oak in my house. When I moved in, it was originally 30+ year old carpet (and I had that same carpet another 10 years upstairs lol) and I was a dance instructor at the time so I had them build me a dance floor. I love my dance floor! All the cat hair gathers in the corners for easy pickup. On the negative side, when one of my cats had kidney failure and was peeing everywhere, the pee really stained the floor with big black spots. (maybe in 10 more years I'll be able to have it re-sanded? maybe this is a bonus since you can't do this with manufactured wood?) Also, Duma does not like playing Da Bird on the wood floor for too long because he slides so much. He can pounce higher and more surely on the carpet. I suppose I wouldn't change my solid oak floor, because it's beautiful and as long as there are no sick kitties it's functional, but these are my observations. Maybe I would vary the flooring in different rooms, do something with a grain so Duma can gain traction for his jumps. In another lifetime though.

Trish Allearz

I can't wait to see pics in the future! I have no good advice others won't already give you- vertical space and just say no to carpet! LOL!


Savannah Super Cat
May I suggest the Tin Woodsman / pre-modern industrial look?

Ha! The more I look at this, the more I think steampunk! And what goes with steampunk? Corsets! I'm just sayin';)

PS please don't put corsets on your cats. They don't like them. Also, be careful wearing them around your cats as those strings could be confused as toys. (My attempt to stay on the topic of cats).


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The best thing I ever done for our Savannah's was their outside run , last summer when their run was put up we left the side door open and at first our 2 Savannah's where reluctant to go outside and we didn't force it on them, when they did go outside they loved it , our cats have many toys ,cat trees but in good weather both cats will be screaming at the side door to get outside , what ever you do inside ,you can't beat this. a happy Savannah has it's paws on the ground and the sun on it's back and a breeze on their fur. Our cats run cost less than 3 good cat trees and our Savannah's burn a lot energy outside