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CatConLA - never again!


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My sister in-law convinced my husband and I to attend CatCon along with a friend of hers. It was at The Reef in downtown LA so traffic was horrendous (>1 hour to get there and 1-1/2 hour for the return) and parking was ridiculous (the price on the lots were being raised from $10 to $15 to $20 as the lot owners saw the crowds increase).

The place was jam-packed and the A/C was seriously deficient. The layout was horrible. They had building columns in the middle of the tiny aisles so you had to squeeze around them. People were waiting in ridiculously long lines to get a picture of them sitting in a large box and pretending to be a cat.

There were very few items that would actually accommodate a savannah. All the beds and most of the toys were apparently designed for munchkin cats. They did not have any cat trees except for 2 that were being auctioned - and again, the platforms were way too small to accommodate a SV. The only good cat item that I saw was the Open Air Litter Robot but they only had a $25 discount so I will buy it from our SCC link when I have the funds. The only cat food manufacturers were Science Diet, Purina Pro and Weruva. Weruva was giving away samples, including a foil pouch of pumpkin so that was kinda cool.

Most of the items were geared more towards the cat owner versus the cats. There were an insane amount of cat ears on a headband and a lot of tshirts. There were a few good artists but most of the other stuff was overpriced and cheesy.

And then the people. OMG. I have lived in LA for 30 years. I know that we have more than our share of freaks and weirdos but YIKES! It was seriously a freak parade. Most people were wearing at least one cat related item and that makes sense as it was a convention regarding cats......but at least a quarter of them were in full costumes.....including full furries with heads and all.

We stayed about 3-1/2 hours and my back was absolutely killing me from walking a couple of steps and then standing, walking a few steps and then standing. When we left, they were over capacity and people only entered when others left. The line went around 3 sides of the building! All I can say is "been there, done that" and I wish that I could get my Saturday back!
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Sorry it was such a disappointment, but at least you have done it now and don't have to wonder what you are missing anymore!