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Catio for spoiled cats


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Here it is, their new outdoor playroom. They are so trained to wait until given permission to go through a door that they just sat & stared at me and I had to work hard to convince them it was ok to come out. Taji, the most timid of the three, finally came out but kept his eyes on the door to be sure he could run back in the house when he wanted. Took 8 minutes for them to get comfortable. They are now zooming around the patio playing and trying to figure out how to get out. LOL. Taji has made it to the topmost section and the other two are trying to figure out how to get up there. Exactly what I knew would happen and exactly what I didn't want to happen.


  • first step out.jpg
    first step out.jpg
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  • taji keeps an eye on the door.jpg
    taji keeps an eye on the door.jpg
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  • maliik peeks into kitchen.jpg
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    maliik claims the loveseat.jpg
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OMG, Deborah!!! That is so awesome! I cannot wait to get a house so I can do something like this. My enclosure pales in comparison to yours...yours is spectacular!!!


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Thanks Paige. They are acting like little kittens again. You can see the happiness on their faces. I wonder how long it will be before I get the "meh, we're bored with it" look. Now that I've brought out some cat beds, their cardboard box fort and some toys, it doesn't seem so big. LOL.


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That is so nice! It's such a great place for them to hang and it looks really good too!


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Thanks DChap. Hubby made his pouty face when I told him about the project. I had to guarantee that it would add value to the house, be people friendly too, and not block his view. Luckily I managed to accomplish that and I am not in the dog house, at least until he comes tonight and finds out the final cost.