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Catnip Oddities

Brandy DW

Missing Neka, Loving Sabriel, Nakaia, & Trance
So since I've had Sabriel she has of course loved catnip, she has catnip treats that she can't resist and her catnip toys that she plays with quite often. Usually with catnip she gets very hyper and runs around like crazy with it.

Well tonight I finally tried something, I put a little bit of free catnip on a cat bed that I wanted her to use but have never actually seen her use. I've had the catnip for a while so it could have gotten old I don't know, but it's been in tubes so I think it's likely still good.

Anyway when I first put it on her cat bed (and the little bit that landed on the bathroom rug) she pawed at it, sniffed at it, made like she was about to sneeze (she kept sniffing so hard lol) but then essentially got bored with it and went off elsewhere. I gotta say it was a bit of a let down as I know other cats who roll in the stuff or go bonkers over it.

But then, I went and got her cloth/string toy thing that right now is essentially her favorite toy with me. I got that over the cat bed, and I kid you not while she got the cloth string in her mouth she laid on the cat bed (first time ever, she's always avoided it before), then she kept laying there. Usually she'd be tugging at the string and trying to get it away from me (kind of like tug of war) but instead she was content to have that string in her mouth and stay in that cat bed. I played with her some more with the string and each time i brought it else where she'd tug it back to the cat bed and lay down but she wanted to keep the string lol. When I finally took the string away for good she stayed in the cat bed, she didn't even try to leave the room. She looked at me kind of dazed, it's like the cat nip made her really calm lol.

Not the reaction I was expecting, but I'll take it, particularly if it'll get her to use that cat bed ;)

So anyone else have any catnip stories? Preferably funny ones, mine wasn't really funny (Well not in text) but in person it was hilarious to me at least. :in love: But NO MAKING UP STORIES. :)
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Animal Communicator
My dsh Tiger has had catnip and started panicking and freaking out, so we stopped giving it to him. I never buy catnip toys for Zeddie because of Tiger, but I didn't look at one of the labels once and accidentally got a catnip toy. She went CRAZY!! She literally flew...she jumped like 8 feet across, and was running around like a complete maniac! It was hilarious...I think I will buy more for her and just take them away when she is finished playing, or keep them in my room.
Tiger doesn't play too much anymore anyways


Staff member
I'm always surprised at how some cats will go absolutely bonkers for catnip and others appear to be completely unaffected by it...

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Me too. My f5 goes insane over nip but my dsh could care less. My f2 didn't care for nip either.

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