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Celebrating today for 2 Reasons....

John Campbell

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It is so hard to believe that as of today, Elsa has been home for 8 weeks Today... She has just grown so much.

Old Images
old-elsa-1.JPG old-elsa-2.jpg

New Images
new-Elsa-1.JPG new-Elsa-2.JPG
Elsa has grown much over the past 2 months, When she arrived 8 weeks ago, she weight 2lbs 1.8 ounces, 5.5 inches long, and 5.75" tall. Today she is 5 lbs, 1.4 ounces for a gain of 3lbs, 9.6 ounces doubling her weight. She is now 12.5" long, 10" tall... More than doubled her size and still growing.

Looking back only 1 month...
sick-Elsa-1.jpg sick-Elsa-2.JPG

When she had her near death experience... and earned her middle name MuuJizzA (Miracle in Swahili). She has come a long way and has earned the right to celebrate.
Elsa-1.JPG Elsa-2.JPG
Elsa being herself, took some time to relax and of course make a face.
Elsa had her normal dinner, but I occassionaly have some scraps that I feed her, tonight she also got a little pork chops (cooked) and a bone... She spent a little time with the bone, but stood back for a break, and Jake got her back by stealing the bone... But she did not complain.

In Celebration...
Elsa-4.JPG Elsa-5.JPG
Gave Elsa some a new type of RAW and she really loved it...​


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It's always so amazing to go back and look at those baby pics, and actually see how much they have grown!

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Just wait to see how big she really will get!:) Just expect a tall, long, and lean cat.


Eddies a ham!
So very happy she is here for you to share with us, Eddie & I watch her videos together!

John Campbell

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So very happy she is here for you to share with us, Eddie & I watch her videos together!

We are having a great time doing it... Tonight a new video is coming out... Not going to give the title. Don't want to ruin the surprise.