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Changing Locations

John Popp

Site Supporter
My wife and I are entertaining getting a Savannah while we are in our temporary home. No landlord issues with pets, safe environment and plenty of space. The question comes that when our home is repaired 6 months to a year from now, how much trauma will that be for a still relatively young kitten?

There would be little continuity of furnishings, as we currently are set up with rental items and we won't be replacing the majority of our personal property until we are back in our home. So about the only thing that would be familiar for a kitten are their personal items, beds, toys litter boxes and the like. I'm also sure there are some differences from one generation to the next and how they would respond to the change of scenery.

Anyway, something that will weigh heavy on us as we won't put our wants in front of the needs of a kitten. If we are better off waiting until we are back in our home, then so be it. Kitten first and we'll just continue to be first on everyones list for feeding their cats when they are away.


Animal Communicator
John, I know each kitten is different but with Zeddie she is 100% fine as long as I am with her. She barely registers her surroundings otherwise. She would rather come to Ottawa with me than stay home with my parents.
Each kitty is different of course, but Savannahs are so darn loyal that what is important is you and Trish, rather than the house they are in.


Staff member
I've never moved with my savannahs. My DSHs would spend 1-2 days in a closet at a new house and then be fine. What I recommend is setting up a room for the cat similar to what you would do for quarantine --- toys, bed, litter, food & water. Give kitty a day or two in the room to acclimate and then let him/her out to explore.

Sue Armstrong

Site Supporter
I do not believe it to be an issue. I think the kittens/cats are bonded with you wherever you are. Yes, change can and might be difficult for a few days, but after that, I don't think it would really have much impact. They really are all quite adaptible and people move with their pets all the time. Just bring all kitty beds and toys and they will be happy little campers. Just make sure when moving that all animals are put in a safe place so there are no accidental doors left open or accidental escapes!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks Much!

Just don't want to get into a situation fulfilling our needs before the kittens.

Appreciate the comments, and with our boys the only place they were ever freaked out about being was the front porch and the car. If they were carried to the lawn they were fine and never had any issues being anyone else's home or the vets.


Savannah Super Cat
Happy to know that both you and Trish are doing well enough to be thinking about getting a kitten. It does my heart good knowing you two can pull through such a difficult situation.

From what little I know of it, cats can be pretty resilient when moving. My first cat moved with me 3 times and being that she was a rescued feral kitten, I would have thought she would be more traumatized than an indoor only cat. That did not turn out to be true, and she adapted quickly. I used the safe/quarenteen approach each time and she showed no stress that I recall.

Any ideas beyond personality and spots of what you might be seeking?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I don't think it would be an issue. Giving it some thought, I think it might be best if the kitten was bonded for 3 months or so before the move. That way the kitten would be 100% confident of you and Trish. As you well know these cats are highly intelligent and adaptable. As long as you have a few things like a kitty bed and cat tree they are familiar with, I'm thinking it should be all good. Good luck and let us know your progress. We all are interested in your recovery.

John Popp

Site Supporter
Any ideas beyond personality and spots of what you might be seeking?

We certainly still have some healing to do, but we have a list of things that are going to be prerequisites before engaging in a new kitten. Some nuts and bolts things, and then some things more on a personal level. Just talking things through and making sure each of us are in tune with the others feelings.

As for a kitten, not exactly sure although we don't have any constraints with other cats and their personalities. We would still prefer a male kitten that was the clown of his litter and the first to seek out interaction beyond his siblings. Oddly, we were discussing that spots may be more important this time although when we sought out Monte, we really had no care for any particulars in coat.

Hopefully, we get the ball rolling soon and need to figure out just how far behind our insurance company is going to be on reimbursements.


Site Supporter
I agree with others on this post....repeating the quarantine routine is probably all that it will take to acclimate the kitten to his new home. It's great that you guys are moving forward!