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Changing username


Savannah Super Cat
Anyone know how too change usernames?...I want to remove the smiley that is by my name, and wonder if it would mess up the password or not?


Staff member
I am not sure why this thread was moderated but I just approved your messages. I also don't know how to change your username - I thought I did, but I can't find the right place to do it now :-(


Savannah Super Cat
Hi Patti...Thanks for getting back.....I didn't know if we can change usernames or you guys have to do it. That smiley was a problem when trying to log back on here. I also had a password problem original password wasn't working and somehow I got issued a new one with a bunch of mixed up big and small letters and numbers that I didn't like. I bought a NEW cell phone also and logging back on here I had trouble, so maybe that's why the thread and password problem. I hope someone can remove the smiley...I would appreciate it. :) Thanks.