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Charlotte is 3 years old!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
It is officially Charlotte's third birthday. And I'm not with her and it's killing me... Her and Kinsler have been living in the house alone for 11.5 weeks now. That's about 9 weeks longer than we thought it would be. We are close to being able to move in but it still seems like it's never going to happen.

My baby girl is three years old.. It seems like yesterday that I first got her. We went to petsmart tonight to get her a new collar and a toy and there were 4 little 8wk old black kittens for adoption. Just like the litter of 4 I rescued from my backyard that ended up giving me my soul kitty. I didn't expect this to hit me so hard but I know she will only be with me a short time (hopefully at least 20 years!) and I've lost three months of nights cuddling and morning playtimes.. I miss my cats. I miss getting to fall asleep to their purrs and getting to watch them run crazy through the house playing with each other. Hopefully I can fall asleep soon so I can wake up and go see my baby girl on her birthday.

Some Charlotte pictures!
About 10 wks old
About 16 wks old
Possibly the best picture accidentally taken of her ever.. I thought she was sleeping cute (pitch black in the room so I didn't know) snapped a pic and got this beauty!
That one time she tolerated a teddy bear hat. Adorably so!
Showing off her pretty eyes.
And just a few days ago.. My big three year old!


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What a precious girl! Give Charlotte an extra hug and kiss for me on her birthday. You will have to plan on a separate celebration when you finally move into your home and get to resume your snuggles and loving.


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Aww...great pics of Charlotte! Happy birthday to Charlotte and I hope you can be with her again soon!

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I'm sorry I did not say this earlier. ( I had just woke up ) Happy Birthday Charlotte. You and Mom wil be together soon sweetie.

John Campbell

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Happy Birthday there girl... Charlotte, You are pretty a very pretty girl... Really liked the 3rd picture with you wearing the hat... I hope you have many many many more birthdays.