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Cheerios = SV heaven


Savannah Super Cat
Last night outside here it snowed and every inch of the land is covered in a sea of powdery white as far as the eye can see...

Last night inside our house our Savannahs got into the jumbo box of Cheerios and every inch of the floor is covered with the grainy crumbs and whole Cheerios as far as the eye can see. The horror.

They were in absolute bliss, zooming around nonstop chasing little Cheerios across the floor... Little toys to bat around and pounce on and when inclined can munch on for the crunch. I am imagining the entire first floor was the equivalent to playpen full of colored balls/ Cheerios for them.

Thankfully I don't have to travel to work today or I'd already be late to work. After heavy cleanup it's 5:50 am and I'm going back to sleep leaving the idea of missed massive crumb cleanup till after I get at a couple more hours of sleep. We may have bugs for them now to continue their hunting skills on instead of Cheerios.

On a more serious note I'm afraid they may have ate some during the night and there's really no way to tell until I see it in their stool. They've led a 100% grain free diet so far in their lives so I'm hoping this wont hurt them.


Staff member
That is adorable. I'm glad you at least didn't have go to work after starting your day with a Cheerio avalanche. Mine did that once with a bag of flour. It was awful cleaning that mess up.


Savannah Super Cat
Yay for being snowed in! :)

I would take Cheerio mess over flour any day!!! The other large headache we have woken up to we're the shredded curtains, chewed up leather shoes, wooden chips from our stair railing.

But the messes are so easily forgotten when they snuggle up in bliss with you and constantly yell at you to be touched and to be with you.