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Chew on toys while eating food

Our 1 yr old Savannah likes to take stuffed toys (webkinz animals) and chew on them in between taking bites of his food (soft canned food - he won't eat dry). He chews on them so much that he breaks them open and will eat the stuffing out of them. Which, of course, ended him up in the vet and an operation. So we can't let him do this anymore. Any suggestions as to what I could get him to chew on that would be natural? I think pig ears would be too hard. Needs something softer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Staff member
Give raw chicken or turkey necks a try and how about adding some raw meat chunks (chicken/turkey dark meat or beef chunks) into his canned. Or try a chunky type of canned. Maybe he's trying to tell you that he wants food he can chew.


Staff member
I agree with Deborah - chicken necks my do the trick. I have yet to find a good chew toy for Savannahs that is also safe!


Savannah Super Cat
Will they be ok with all the bones in the neck? If they're not used to having any raw, is there any kind of transitioning you need to do before offering a neck to chew on?


Site Supporter
Yesterday was Rafiki's first duck foot. She is normally very submissive to Jammu - unless it is a really fun toy like a lizard or bug. Well, let's add duck feet to the list! I gave it to him first and he just looked puzzled. When I gave it to Rafiki, she went nuts! Jammu tried to check out what all the fuss was about and got hissed and growled at and she even gave him a half-hearted swat (no claws, more of a keep away nudge). She worked on that thing for about an hour before dinner time and then abandoned it. Sometime during the day, it worked its way up to the bedroom (so glad I did not wake up with it this morning!) and it is now missing all of its toes. Should I leave it with her or remove it? Will she gnaw down the rest?

John Popp

Site Supporter
Dino ends up consuming the whole thing. Sometimes within hours, other times it will take a few days to a week. On the dehydrated rabbit's feet, he plays with them a lot more but doesn't stop messing with them until they are consumed. Boy sho do like his rabbit, mmm mmmm.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I know what your saying, I have seen people gnaw on them for hours at restaurants where they are served, along with chicken feet.

Me, I am not so adventurous and I couldn't do the trotters and greens when I was "afforded" the opportunity either.