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Chicken Allergy


Savannah Adult
Hello - I want to hear back from any owners who have a cat with chicken allergies. It took me two months to figure this out and a lot of headache with loose, smelly bowel movements-but glad I did!! It seems to be fairly common so would love to hear any other cats with this too. Now, I mostly stick to a pinky mouse breakfast and then fish-based wet and dry foods. I am a big fan of Evo Herring and Salmon.

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Chicken, fish, and beef are the 3 proteins most associated with allergies in cats. None of mine have chicken allergies but they all decided to stop eating it when they were still kittens. Just a note of caution about feeding exclusively fish-based diet. There are tons of contaminants in fish that accrue in body tissue over time and cause many health issues. Also, too much fish can lead to vitamin K deficiency.


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I have a cat with a chicken allergy, I feed her Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck kibble, and Wellness Beef and Salmon canned. I have given her Blue Ridge kitten mix on occasion which is primarily beef but with a bit of chicken and in limited amounts she does okay.