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Chicken neck?


Savannah Super Cat
I wanted to give my boy some chicken necks. I examined them and noticed they are full of small bones.

Are these safe to give him?


Staff member
There is no problem as long as the chicken necks are raw - raw chicken bones are soft and cats usually have no problem eating them.


Site Supporter
I see freeze-dried necks on Amazon - are they OK? Anyone use them? And has anyone given it without soaking it overnight?

Both cats eat raw but apparently it must be either ground or in chunks and served in a bowl for them to recognize it as food. Rafiki likes to chew on things and I am looking for something for her to gnaw that she cant just gulp down.


Staff member
I haven't tried the freeze dried chicken necks. Don't know why they wouldn't be ok since they are aren't cooked. I always have freeze dried duck feet on hand. They are a huge hit here.

John Popp

Site Supporter
hmmmm, not sure if I would be as comfortable with freeze dried as opposed to dehydrated ones. Not sure what happens to the bones when they are freeze dried, and if they become quickly pulverized kind of defeats the purpose.