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Child locks on Windows



Until we get round to building an outdoor pen,

has anyone considered using window child locks?


obviously the amount it opens will depend on the way it is installed.


Savannah Super Cat
The unfortunate thing is that the one shown would be unlikely to stop my narrow and determined SVs.
Yuki tried to get her narrow head into a jar of honey roasted peanuts. :rolleyes: It was hilarious seeing her eyes below the rim looking around as she realized her head was not going any further into the jar. :lol:

So far my two have shown no interest in clawing the screen out of the second storey window and risking the jump. I only leave the windows up when I am there to supervise so it limits the temptation. I don't dare open the ground floor windows more than a crack.


we have a 3 floor house and the top storey has a slate roof outside and then another roof about 8 foot below it, so I think they'd vanish quick quickly.

If I was to fit it so that there was only 40-50mm that should stop them, id hope :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As long as you are aware that any gap large enough for them to jam their head through, their body can and will follow... it's a much smaller gap than we think!


Staff member
How about building a window box? Safer and definitely escape proof. It can be fancy or simple, small or large. You can even build it from your window down to the roof and make it a full enclosure (assuming you own your own home or have an understanding landlord. Unknown-1.jpeg images.jpeg Unknown.jpeg