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Child proof locks


Savannah Super Cat
Which locks do you find on your cabinets, pantries, closet or doors do you find that work the best?

The husband does not like locks that require us to drill through the cabinet doors but may give it another chance if it's the only ones that manage to outsmart Savannahs.

We were looking at a lot of the kidco locks ones with the magnetic key or ones with the wrap around the handles in a canoe shape. Any tried and true childproof locks recomkended?


Savannah Super Cat
I have the basic drilled in ones that are triangles you press down once the doors cracked a bit, works fine.

Omg though, I love the magnet ones. I have them at work (I'm a nanny) and they are great.


Savannah Super Cat
We were hesitating on those because they have very mixed reviews! But it's a great idea!


Savannah Super Cat
We will have to look into those as well! I was currently looking at the ziptie looking ones as they look very simple to install on many of our cabinets


Savannah Super Cat
We have the magnetic ones in the kitchen cabinets (love them!) and had the plastic ones in our bathrooms and on our kitchen drawers (hated them!). I took all the plastic ones off after my son was old enough to not need them, but the magnetic ones are still there. I leave about half of them in the open position now, but the other half are in the locked position keeping my overflowing pots and pans in check. :)

We've had our bathroom cabinets replaced with cabinets with inset doors since previously needing the locks. There's a small knob on the doors, not a handle, so I'm hoping that the SVs will be overly challenged with those inset cabinet doors and drawers.


Staff member
This is what works for me:
Kitchen lock.JPG
Notice this is on an upper cabinet - nothing is safe from Savannahs...


Savannah Super Cat
Due to that advice we are now getting locks for pretty much ALL the kitchen cabinets. We have small knobs instead of handles to open the cabinets and figured the very high ones would be safe... But now I'm not so sure and not willing to have shattered glass everywhere.


Savannah Super Cat
This is what happens when you forget to lock the pantry lol...


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Mine Only Would try to get into the Washroom which is closed with a double shutter door. To be honest I Used A Hair band on the Two nobs to keep it closed and it worked. He doesn't Get on counters or anything and doesn't try the cabnets so im good there