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Chirp reason

Maybe the chirp sounds is the cat actually hoping birds will fly into thier mouth. Does seem to sound as if thier mimicking a bird. Also my cat seems to chirp when thier is birds around (and if thier is a fly around) I think he hope the fly will fly into his mouth.


Staff member
I agree the Savannah chirp does sound like a bird and may be their way of attracting birds to come closer for a pounce, but I think they're too smart to think a bird will just fly into their mouth - besides there would be no fun if there was no challenge for them :giggle:


Savannah Super Cat
There is so much about cats that we don't really understand! But I have also noticed the chirping seems reserved for birds, flies and what is perceived by the cat as an ariel creature, and I have never heard this in response to them pursuing a rodent or insect on the ground. It is a mystery!


Site Supporter
Ours also chirp when jumping up the cat trees, which are pretty tall. Zazu will occasionally chirp for a wand toy before she leaps.

Must be some kind of echolocation to judge flight distance. Gotta have those big ears for something! :roflmao::roflmao: