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Christmas is coming....are my decorations doomed?


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Rafiki will be almost 11 months come Christmas. I love her dearly but she is not exactly the best behaved cat I have ever had!!! We have basically given up keeping her off the counters and one of her favorite games is "see how high I can jump". The whole family is coming to California so I want the house as nicely decorated as possible but..... How do I keep her (and her sidekick, the year old Pixie bob) from destroying it all? Is it possible to have a decorated tree around for a couple of weeks?


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Step One: Buy a predecorated folding artificial tree. Keep it boxed until just before guests arrive.

Step Two: Put cat in another room and shut door.

Step Three: Unbox predecorated folding artificial tree.

Step Four: Put cat back into room, shut door, block door with heavy furniture.

Step Five: Unfold predecorated folding artificial tree.

Step Six: Realize you left the stand in the room you put the cat into for safe keeping.

Step Seven: Retrieve stand.

Step Eight: Remove cat from predecorated folding artificial tree and place back in room.

Step Nine: Place predecorated folding artificial tree into stand.

Step Ten: Discover cat is not in other room when predecorated folding artificial tree comes crashing to floor.

Step Eleven: Chase and capture cat to get back the tinsel garland being dragged across kitchen counters.

Step Twelve: Put cat into other room and remember to put back heavy furniture you forgot last time.

Step Thirteen: Go to plug in lights on predecorated folding artificial tree and discover you left extension cord in other room with cat.

Step Fourteen: Oh, who are we kidding!

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
To answer yes your house is doomed! My fake tree lasted one season and last year I got a real one and the decorations now need replacing. Oh the plastic balls are their favorite! All night long all I heard was ting, ting, ting as they took them off the tree and proceeded to chase them
Around the hardwood floor. Blessed that none are cord chewers as the lights were ok. Oh and they play a game, let's see who can run up the Christmas tree the fastest! No, not one of mine stopped after a week either. The games with the decorations went on all season.


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Brigitte, thanks for the link! Now I am beginning to regret the way that I have been using the corner my Christmas tree normally occupies. Rafiki loves to run across the room and skid across dunnage paper like it's a slippy-slide. Guess where the pile of paper is at.....? Oh yeah, her favorite play area of the house is where the poor tree will go. Oops. Needless to say, the Egyptian cut glass ornaments are staying in the box this year! It may be time to purchase some nice, cheap, durable plastic ornaments! Now to find ones that don't roll easily, don't make noise, don't have strings or any loose objects, don't look anything like a current toy.... Our tree may go for a more "natural" look this year.....

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I've definitely collected a number of more kitty-safe ornaments over the years... the delicate glass ones I have a little display for inside the glass cabinet where usually I will have a vase of flowers...
Just saw your post so although its too late for your tree (hope things went well :)), I'll report my experience for anyone interested.

For Chinook's first Christmas, when he was 4 months old, I put up the artificial tree a good week early, without any lights or decorations, then kept a sprayer handy whenever he tried to climb it (lying under it was OK). I then added the lights, ribbons and unbreakable ornaments and kept an eye out, discouraging attempts to bat ornaments (sooo tempting). Our tree stayed up a good 3 to 4 weeks.

We're on Christmas No. 3 now with no problems.