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Chronicles of Rufio & Tinker Bell.!!!


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As some of you know, my baby boy F2, Rufio, has been found.!!! He's the darling first born son of Amara's Painted Lady and F5C Rocky.

These pic's just hot off the download of Rufio at 2 days old, he is going to be a charmer for sure.

Must say, the wait is going to be excruciating. Luckily have a girl and boy, both 5 year old F3C's and a 9 year old domestic female, that all give me lots of love and furry cuddles which helps keeps my enthrallment at bay, somewhat. ;)

Here's a shot of mom with the babies.

Feeling totally emotionally drained right now. Was upon receiving an unexpected check from the estate settlement of my mother, on 2/8, that it came to me that I could adopt an F2 boy. I immediately started bugging all the breeders with litters due, and finally received that waited for email, and a commitment from Sue, that Rufio is indeed mine. Still can't believe that I have become the chosen one, for the Painted ones first son. Sooooo heartheartheart all the fine people here a the svcc forum. You've all made me feel like a part of a huge extended family.

Don't know what I did to deserve the love and companionship of these fine furry creatures, but everyday, I count my blessing often. :big grin:


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Thanks Hina, just finished putting the top pic on my 40" lcd screen. He's fraking huge on the 40" lol


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Hey buddy. I KNOW what you are talking about. When i was told Regie would be my adopted son, I was elated, and when Patti brought Jasi, his mom, over and I met her and SHE accepted me as her boys new dad, I was overwhelmed. There is just something about the little ones that makes your heart sing. HAPPY for you.!!!!!


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Thanks Cary, know that most members here understand exactly what I am going through, especially those that Savannahs have chosen as worthy.

Edit: Upon gazing at the pic's, like all the time, :big grin: and visualizing this boy coming of age, with the baby fuzz gone, he is going to be one striking Lad, no doubt about it in my mind. Already some major highly desirable inky spotted markings, and a to die for face, black nose is cute as heck, but omg, once his final value is accessed, he is going to be a Top Cat.!!!! no doubt in my mind.

Frak, now I'm going to have to goto the cartoon network and watch some Top Cat episodes. Of all my childhood cartoon animal character series, Top Cat was always a fave. :big grin: .......

.oh frak me, just did a search on Top Cat, on one of me streaming video web sites, and found there is a Top Cat Movie that came out in 2011. Didn't even know TC made the silver screen. Ok, know what movie I'm putting on to go to sleep by. :cool:


Yeah, not excited at all, have been watching Hook every night since the search began, totally at ease and super ready for the 12-16 weeks to pass, when with a little bit of ferry dust and a few happy thoughts, my son will be flying my way, just past the second star to the right, and straight on till morning, or something like that. Never new that Never Never Land's location was somewhere in Kentucky. Go figure, most searches locate Never somewhere off the coast of England, or something like that.lmao, silly kids, Never Never is wherever the happy thoughts exist. Witchey:cat::paw:
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There's definitely a lot of spotted magic coming out of Amaraland these days. Rufio is adorable. Frustrating not to be able to kiss that sweet little face. His cheetah tears are impressive. It's going to be a real treat to watch him grow. Thanks for sharing him with us dice.


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Yeah, have already had a few phantom head butts from this amazing boy, and he was pretty tall, so thinking it was a vision from his 1 year birthday.

He is going to be soo much fun, trouble and love. Good thing I'm converting my largest master bedroom Suite into Rufio's Never Never Savannah land. Biggest bedroom of the whole place, walk through closet, with excellent cat-able shelves and ledges, dual sinks and reflecting mirrors, with cat cabinets and drawers to open. Hiding cabinets, for the curious pleasure. Has a nice shower stall, that once I open up the closets, bath and dressing room to Rufio, will make a nice 2" wading pool for him to play in, that is if he turns out to love playing in water. Even has a view to the front yard, with a small bay/cat window, to soak up the afternoon sun. Think the whole family is going to love Rufio's digs.

Latest news from Sue is that Lady is being an exceptional mother, allowing her to handle the two little ones, while the Painted one gets out, eat, stretch and gallivant around the house. Probably enjoying the weight loss and the return of her agility. Their eyes are starting to open, and there's indication of photo updates this weekend.

What really strikes me as poetic irony, is the purrrchase of my condo townhouse, is what led me to discover sv's and enabled me to adopt my first two sv's. Fact is, domesticated Isis named the Condo "Cats Meow" When first transferred to the new digs she was so excited, she was running up and down the stairs, rolling around on all the carpeted surfaces, purrrring, and going meow, meow, meow. Now, 5 years later, the condo grrrrrows. :roflmao:


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Tinker Bell has just delivered the latest pics of Rufio from Never Land, 7 days old.!!!

Ahh:big grin: now I can get to sleep, been waiting for these pics like for at least 4 days now, maybe 5 :roflmao:

OMG Rufio's face is to die for.!!! Now my current Desktop image. Telling ya, Rufio is FRAKING HUGE on the 40 inch LCD, thinking of bringing down the 50" plasma, and the he'll be like be HUMONGOUS

okay, not excited at all. Just got off the phone with Sue, and the family is doing fantastic, but the mud really sucks.. :roflmao: OMG I am oh sooooooooooooooo in love, Rufio is waving hi to daddy in the top pic, damn, now I'm crying !!! :cry: