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Chunky Monkey?


Savannah Child
We had our two kitties fixed about a month ago. Chewy is filling out nicely- he was a bony boy when we got him. He's now 7.3 pounds at 5 1/2 months old. He looks good and muscular. Livy is a bit of a chunky monkey in looks, although she weighs 7.5 pounds at 6 months old.
We feed raw (Primal rabbit and pheasant on rotation) and Pure Vita dry. I'm feeding them based on the raw chart on pkg, at about 3/4 of recommendation for 10 lbs. Plus, half cup of dry at morning and evening meals. Again, based on chart on pkg. It's hard to figure out how much to feed. But, when I feed them, they eat all the raw and some crunchies quickly, then go back and eat rest of crunchies within half an hour. Chewy eats more than Livy.
They are playing like fiends. We have a 4 year old daughter (best cat toy ever!), and she plays and runs them every day.
My hubby is worried about Livy. He thinks she's too chunky. She does have a belly pouch. But otherwise, she's sleek and gorgeous.
Should we do anything else? Will this resolve with age?


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Kittens should get fed as much as they will eat until they are about a year old. If she is sleek except for a little belly, it is most likely her primordial pouch. A lot of cats get them, some do not. It isn't actually from being fat. It's extra skin that is there to help protect those vital organs from another cats kicking claws.


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Agree with the above - is Livy chunky or does she have a primordial pouch? There is a big difference, and you will not be able to get rid of a primordial pouch on a cat.