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CJ and friend


Staff member
OOhhh...crazy lizard...I guess CJ isn't as quick or doesn't care as much as Tink?


Savannah Super Cat
I had enough time to find the camera, take the picture, get my husband out of the pool and look at CJ, get a cup to capture the lizard and set it free. My husband says that CJ's genetic defect is more than the ears, he does not have a full deck. I think both were to afraid to move. Sue

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
I'm thinking that lizard hypnotized CJ! You need to get CJ some help! Perhaps an eye exam. Don has a point about something more than the ears.
How about I send Mayhem down to help you. He has been living up to his name lately. If it moves, he attacks.
On the other hand.... speaking of Tink, just where was she during this encounter?