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Claw Caps?


Staff member
I've not tried them myself but have heard of others who have. It seems it is as much (or more) work getting and keeping the Soft Paws on (I've been told they need to be replaced every few weeks as the nail grows) as it is to just trim the nails, however if you can get them on - and they stay on, they seem to work well.


Savannah Kitten
Thanks Patti, I appreciate the feedback! I think I'm going to give them a try just to see how my little Siris reacts.

Cheeto's Keeper

Savannah Teenager
I've been using them. They were first put on at the vet and now I do them. It seems that one falls off almost everyday. I purchased more at Petsmart and just keep up on them. Doesn't take but a minute and handling her paws daily makes it a usual thing she doesn't seem to mind too much. I do clip the very end of the nail each time to put a new one on.