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Claw Trimming



Only those with F1 SV. Does he let you trim his claws. How, if so, do you get him to calm down? Is there an anesthetic or inhalant available for temporary use?


Staff member
You should try to handle the paws on a daily basis as he will let you. Try doing it while he's napping or very relaxed. Expose the nails but don't trim them. Try to get him used to handling them, but let him go if he pulls away, don't force it. Once (if) he gets to the point where this doesn't bother him too much you can try trimming the nails, one at a time. It may take a looong time to get him to the point where you can trim the nails without a fight so be patient and keep working on it.

In the interim, you can consider having your vet gas him down and trim the nails - a bit expensive but may be worth getting it done. Of course, that is all dependent on how well he handles going to the vet. If that is a traumatic event in itself it may not be worth it. In that case you can talk to your vet about giving him a sedative when you try to trim his nails.