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Cleanliness is next to godliness ...

I find myself now cleaning up after my furry kids far more than real kids. It's amazing how much (I want to use the word destruction, though that is too strong) how much of a mess the gruesome twosome can make in such a little time.

There are a couple of concepts that I'm just about to give up on ... The first being the idea of a waste paper basket in my office, and little garbages in my bathrooms. No sooner do I turn the receptacles right side up and put the contents back inside than one of the villains has the darn thing tipped over again and rifling through the contents looking for a treasure ... No matter how many times I tell them that the garbages are not cracker jack boxes and they don't have a secret toy inside, they still don't listen ;).

The other concept is the idea of a food and water dish. This I have to lay squarely on Zeus. I don't know why (and yeah I serve his food on a flat surface so it doesn't mess with his whiskers) but Zeus pulls his kibble out of his bowl either by the mouthful or the pawful. And a water dish that doesn't have a eternal puddle around it ... FORGET ABOUT IT !!! (said in only the way that Jersians and New Yorkers know how) ... You fill the water dish, any water dish and Zeus is in it within 10 minutes. Splashing and a playing ... God only knows what the boy would do if he had a fountain happily gurgling at him ... Heaven forbid LOL ;)

So I gotta ask, I'm not the only one, am I?

Trish Allearz

Hahahahaha... Oh no, you aren't the only one! I still clean up toilet paper kills almost weekly. The water bowls- finally, they leave them alone and actually drink out of them versus splash and play!


Savannah Super Cat
My work house (nanny triplets) is cleaner then my home... why is this, because kids clean up and leave them away. I put the cats toys away only to have the bin dumped

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
The waste basket problem was addressed before we had more than one Savannah... because we got a beagle puppy at the same time as our first Savannah! So no open trash cans! The kitchen had one of those bullet cans with a pedal to open, as if you tip those on their side they still can't access the trash. I think you can find mini versions of those maybe?
For the rest of the house, for some time (well over a year) I used velcro on flip top trash cans... So a little piece of one side of one side on both sides of the lid and bin, and then one large piece that spans that gap between lid and bin. Annoying to have to take the velcro off to open the bin, but eventually when tipping the bins over did not gain him anything... the beagle left them alone more. Of course there was never any food in those ones! Just paper etc.

For the water, putting the bowl in a tray helps, but I have actually found my cats dig less at a fountain than a still water bowl... maybe because they were trying to make the water flow? LOL! But I did have a cat that was terrible, would dig water out of any bowl and dismantle any fountain. She was just obsessed with water.{keyword}&gclid=CO-O6MTco7ECFSQ0QgodgB7nyw
That is the bowl we ended up using that worked, having the protrusions into the bowl meant she couldn't get a good dig into the bowl so ends up leaving it alone... maybe it will work with your kitties too?


Staff member
Good topic Rob. I was thinking just yesterday as I was clearing away the mess from another nuclear explosion in the house, that my housekeeping skills have markedly improved since I got the SVs. In a way, I'm grateful because I could the calories burned while cleaning as part of my workouts. There is a silver (or marble or servaline) lining in everything.


I've been using these for garbage cans forever, totally love them, and the best is that I use plastic Safeway garbage bags in them instead of buying bags from the store:

This is my kitchen one (above) and these are my bathroom ones, they come in 2 sizes at the container store (below):



Staff member
Hmmm...I don't know - maybe I have angels??? No toilet paper ripped up, no cats in the garbage, no playing in the water fountain..Zuri does chew on paper and tear up my bills and spit them out (don't blame her there), so maybe she isn't an angel after all...she also chew up cardboard and spits the pieces out all over...

Then again..I will have kittens running around, so guess I will have to edit this post in a few weeks :roflmao: