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Cloudy Eye



Help... I am seeking advice while I am frantically trying to research on my own, hopefully one of the doctors here may see, or anyone who has any knowledge or experience in Keljins sudden symptoms.

Yesterday Keljin was being totally normal, no changes in behavior or health at all. Then I got a phone call from my boyfriend a few hours before I was done at work telling me he noticed one of Keljin's eyes was cloudy. At that point I wasn't concerned, maybe he got it scratched or got some dust or litter or something into it that is irritating it.

Then when I got home a few hours later, my whole world has collapsed. It may not be as serious as I am thinking, but normally Keljin runs down the stairs to greet me at the door and begs for me to pick him up and hug him for purrs and kisses. Not today. He did come running down the stairs excited, but at the bottom of the stairs he stopped and froze, looked right at me, then flinched and drew his head and neck back away from me.. He was squinting his left eye and I could see the noticeable cloud like he was suddenly an old blind cat. I can tell he was obviously in pain, he won't even let me pick him up. He is running away from me, and hiding in his bathroom. I gave him food, he is still eating and using his litterbox as normal which is good, but I have no idea what to do. Obviously I will call the vet in the morning and see what we can check out, but I want to prepare myself with as much knowlege as I can. Is it possible he could have something like a brain tumor, or any kind of illness that could cause these symptoms? Because of his pain and flinching, I am thinking something is wrong inside of him, rather than simple dust or debris.


Adding on a few notes of additional observances..

He is avoiding light. If he makes a sudden turn of his head to face a large object, such as me or a wall, he flinches and avoids looking at it. He doesn't want me to hold him nor will he play or purr, right now he is in fact in my lap grooming, but he just is not acting himself at all. I can tell he is in pain.. Also his eyes look a bit cross eyed where before I always admired how straight on his eyes are. His left eye has its second eyelid somewhat half closed over the corner of his eye, and he is constantly squinting it. He is occasionally twitching and flinching, usually associated with him directing his vision at something large or bright.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
The best thing to do right now is to keep Keljin and yourself calm. Can you confine him to your room, or another quiet, darkened room (with perhaps a night light) so he doesn't bump into anything? Chances are he injured it; it could be a scratch, or he may have bumped his eye on something...keep us posted, and I'll keep Keljin in my prayers...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It's hard to really know without seeing a picture but it sounds to me like corneal infection or inflammation. His eye is sensitive to movement and light etc because it hurts.For this to come on suddenly points to infection rather than a tumor or cataracts. But DO get him to a vet asap as infections can do damage quickly in the eye. This is what I did my doctorate in (although the human eye) and there are some bacteria that can do nasty damage very very quickly. On the other hand, the cornea heals fast so the right diagnosis and the right antibiotic drops or ointment and it could look better within days.

Let us know, we shall worry for poor Keljin!


Staff member
Bre, I am so sorry to hear about does sound like an infection or some type of injury...please let us know how he is doing and what the vet says.