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Collar vs Harness

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
We bought Fitz a collar before we even picked him up and were so excited to put it on him. We waited initially because he was still getting used to us. Well the first time we tried it he wasn't happy at all and it was still really loose and he just wiggled it right off. Last night we tried again. I had tightened it, but apparently not enough.. He freaked out again and was not happy with it on. He kept biting at it and trying to get it off.. I am getting him microchipped tomorrow at his next check up but would love for him to wear a collar. My other two DSH kitties do just fine. Kinsler was hesitant at first but got over it within the first day. It is a breakaway collar so we aren't worried about him hurting himself. I just don't want him to panic. Would it be better to go ahead and get him a harness and start getting him used to that and then maybe the collar won't be such a big deal? Also where does one find a Savannah quality harness that can grow with him?


Site Supporter
Hi Samantha. I buy Mynwood jackets. She custom make them to your measurements . She is in the UK and I am in California but it takes less than 2 weeks and costs about $25. She has bengals and started making the jackets when she couldn't find anything secure enough out there. For Rafiki's first jacket, I told her that she was a F3SV and that she was just a 12 week old kitten. I used Jammu's kitten jacket for the first month or so and then switched. She finally outgrew that one about 2 months ago.

I believe that a lot of folks here also have purchased walking jackets from Hyendry and from Kasbah.

There is no way that I would trust Rafiki with a collar. She is an awesome little escape artist and I even have issues with the walking jackets if I don't have it on really snug. And yes, it took weeks to get her used to having it on....she did the most amazing cartwheels and summersaults down the hallway trying to get it off.


Staff member
NONE of my savannahs will wear a collar..I have found some great walking jackets at joykatz...that is where I have purchased all jackets...or...I have bought harnesses from puppia and pet one...

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
I was afraid I was going to get told something about Savannah's not liking collars lol I will look into all the jackets you two have suggested! Maybe I can get one for Kinsler too he LOVES going outside.


Staff member
I know of at least one person who had a cat that hung itself wearing a breakaway collar - I will never put one on any of my cats unsupervised. I have purchased walking jackets from Neta for years and have them from XXS (special order, not listed on her site) to XXL. You can see her jackets here: