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Comforter Thief

John Popp

Site Supporter
Having been out of town for the majority of the last two weeks, Chongo has been a little more needy in terms of attention since I've returned. As is the normal late evening routine, they get fed, we play with Chongo for 15-30 minutes then he follows me to bed. He'll continue to play with me for a bit, but when I'm done he usually heads to my wife's office (she's definitely a night owl) or just lay down next to me.

Since my return, when I am done with the kitten games and ready to close my eyes he has started to grab the comforter with his teeth, peel it back and drag it to the foot of the bed. Definitely funny, and the first time I just laughed and played with him a while longer. The second night, same thing, still funny but not the same as the first time.

Enter night three of my return and the same schtick. Not funny at all this time as I had a pretty long day and still trying to adjust my sleep schedule from being half way around the globe. This time it doesn't happen once, but twice ending with him jumping off the bed with comforter in mouth and trying to tug the whole thing away.

Jump forward to this morning with the want to sleep in a little (I'm the morning feeder person) and same thing. Comforter getting tugged to the floor, an up too late Trish proclaiming "REALLY" and Chongo backing his way to the stairway tugging the comforter with a great deal of determination.

Certainly pretty funny, and I know what I need to do to correct this, just wanted to share my "Welcome Home Dad" activities. So this evening I play with him until he claims "no mas" at around 1AM, set the alarm for 4AM so I am up before he is and then all should be good. ;)

John Popp

Site Supporter
That just might be twice the fun.

He has been absolutely hilarious since I've been back home and the new things he has been bringing me to play with as toys is cracking me up. Unfortunately his Mom doesn't see the same humor in his antics as him and I do.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Yep, seems he did learn what you taught him...he removes the comforter, he gets more play and attention. But you know that already....

My F1 Missy is big on dragging large comforters and blankets around the house... although not for those reasons, it just seems to be something she likes to do. I think she sees it as moving the communal kitty bed to a new location or something...

John Popp

Site Supporter
You're absolutely right Brigitte, although I think it might be impossible not to laugh. Since Chongo was a kitten he liked to drag around things that were far bigger than you would imagine he was capable of. Started with the nail apron when he was 3 and a half pounds and has steadily progressed. Of course that trait also got him in trouble and led to his injury.

He also has a stuffed hollow tree that's about a foot and a half long and houses 3 stuffed rodents with the objective being to pull them out. He just drags the whole thing around and tries real hard to jump on some of his perches with it, although thus far with out success. The cat bed is of course another one, but he needs to go backwards to drag it where he wants. Never a dull moment!